Dobby Active Respirator Mask



Active Respirator Mask

Feeling suffocated in your mask?

Introducing dobbyair - A detachable, rechargeable, battery powered device that exhausts stale air from masks and safely allows fresh air to breathe.

Dobby Active Respirator Airflow

Air Circulation

Replaceable Filter

All-Day Battery


Breathe comfortably, all day.

The superior centrifugal rotor design efficiently pulls stale air out of the mask, thus reducing carbon dioxide build up and eliminating discomfort. Our engineers carefully designed and caliberated dobbyair to manage precise airflow rate to consistantly manage comfortable breathing of fresh air in the mask.

No more misting of glasses.

Your safety is our top priority.

The device is detachable, allowing users to periodically replace N-95 masks.

Additionally, the device includes built-in & replaceable filters - thus ensuring the quality of air, both entering and leaving the mask.

Dobby Active Respirator Parts

Keep up your style game!

Dobby Active Respirator Parts
Dobby Active Respirator Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In which cities will dobbyair be delivered?

    Your package will be shipped to all major cities across India (shipping times may vary). Please contact us at for further clarifications.

  2. What are the in-box contents of my dobbyair purchase?

    Your dobbyair package will contain the following :

    1 x Respirator Device

    4 x N-95 Masks

    8 x N-95 Filters

    1 x USB Charging Cable

    1 x Product Manual

  3. How frequently do I need to replace the masks & filters?

    We recommend the included N-95 masks be replaced every 14 days and filters every 7 days, irrespective of extent of use.

  4. Are the masks washable?

    We do not recommend washing the included N-95 masks since it may hamper the filtering capabilities.

  5. Where can I purchase additional refill N-95 masks & filters?

    Package includes consumables for 2 months. Refill packs shall be availabe for online order shortly.

  6. How long should I charge dobbyair?

    The device should be charged for upto 90 minutes or until the indicator LED turns blue.

  7. Is the product waterproof?

    The product is not waterproof.

  8. Can the fan speed be controlled?

    The product has been designed for optimal airflow as per regular human breathing rate. The fan speed is not variable.

  9. Can the product help with fogging of glasses?

    Yes! The product significantly reduces fogging of glasses.


  • Size : 54x43x28 mm
  • Weight : 45gms
  • Battery Life : upto 7 hours; USB Rechargeable
  • Battery : Li-Po with protection for safe use on the face
  • RPM : 9500
  • Charging : 5V; 5W charging
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